Gaurav Gautam

What Is Brain Damage And What Are Its Types? Brain damage is any injury or trauma or condition that causes destruction or deterioration of brain cells. All brain injuries are head injuries, but not all head injuries are brain injuries. There are actually two types of brain injury, which are: &..
Overview Angina or angina pectoris, is the correct term to describe the pain, discomfort, ache or other symptoms that occur when blood flow to heart muscle cells is not enough to meet its energy needs. Angina is usually described as a crushing or debilitating pain and heaviness or pressure that..
Introduction Non-invasive Positive Pressure Support, commonly known as NIPPV, is a process of delivery of mechanical ventilation to those patients who need support to breathe (at certain times). NIPPV doesn’t need an artificial airway through the larynx or trachea. NIPPVhas emerged as one..
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