10 Fashion Blogs Every Fashion Designer Must Follow

Posted on Dec 29, 2017 by Raman

A fashion designer can be anyone if you peek into their lives, they can be a foodie, a football enthusiast or a computer geek (or a psycho-murderer! *kidding*). But one thing all fashion designers or fashion designing aspirants have in common is that eternal love for fashion and all things fashion! Fashion designers who already have a practise or are working in a company or in the fashion industry follow certain fashion blogs for inspiration, motivation and fresh ideas, or sometimes just to stay acquainted with what’s what in fashion. So, if you’re a fashion design aspirant, pursuing a fashion design course or even a diploma in fashion designing, pay heed! I’m about to list 10 fashion blogs that every fashion aspirant, designer and enthusiast worth their salt must follow. (Blogs in no particular order)



  1. AkankshaRedhu
    Started in 2010by AkankshaRedhu, a fashion and lifestyle blogger out of New Delhi,the blog covers posts varying from fashion to beauty to food. It not only talks about the best outfits one should wear but also discusses what jewellery and accessories to wear.

  2. Vanity No Apologies
    The blog is run by AnshitaJuneja, who is well known for her comprehensive reviews on Lipsticks and Nail products.Ask her for the best products to compliment your skin type and she will guide you thoroughly, she continues to churn out credible content for her readers even now.

  3. Corallista
    Corallista was started by Ankita Srivastava in 2011, to share her love for make-up and beauty with the online community.It is now a one-stop destination for beauty lovers looking for comprehensive reviews, looks and tutorials online.

  4. That Boho Girl
    KritikaKhurana, who runs the blog, loves Bohemian fashion & is a big fan of Swarovski jewellery. She adores everything that has to do with being stylish and is a major fashion influencer.

  5. The Snob Journal
    Started by Aashna Shroff, the blog presents the best of beauty, design and Aashna’s globe-trotting ways that will inspire you to try something new and revamp your closet.

  6. AakritiRana
    AakritiRana sure is known for her amazing outfit posts. There is a certain panache to all her looks that pushes her to be on our top blogger list.

  7. GuiltyBytes
    Run by Devina Malhotra, GuiltyBytes is one of the most popular fashion blogs in India.Devina’s been a writer for Tehelka, Hindustan Times and few other publications, andloves to write, read celeb gossip, shop and take food photographs.

  8. Peaches and Blush
    This hugely popular blog is run by MehakSagar. Apart from her blog, Mehak runs a bridal online shopping business called Brides by Peaches & Blush. She is a quite successful entrepreneur in her own right.

  9. Purushu
    The blog is a must read for fashion enthusiasts who want to have a stunning looks without spending a lot of money on their outfits. It is run by Purushu, who is not only a fashion Contributor at The Hindu, but also named by few of the celebrities such as Marc Jacobs.

  10. Let’s Expresso
    et’s Expresso is a fashion, beauty, food and travel blog run by Tanya Virmani, that focuses on latest Fashion Trends as well as improving your lifestyle. It is one of the top fashion blogs in India.


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