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Posted on Jan 30, 2018 by Blog

WordPress Plugins are software applications that let you to add new features and functionalities to your WordPress website. They work exactly in a similar manner as how apps work on your smartphone. WordPress plugins are user-friendly, simple and fast and there are about 48,000 free plugins available on the WordPress.org plugin directory. Many more are also available from third-party companies, developers and websites such as Github.


Review of Under Construction Page Plugin 

There may be times when we design a new website right from scratch or perform either minor/major modifications in the existing site. You would need a cool page while engaging with maintenance actions on your site such that your visitors wouldn’t be troubled when they your site during the course of your maintenance.

Though, creating an additional page would be a cumbersome task for you still you need not worry. We hereby present a WordPress Plugin that enables you to build your under construction page within fraction of seconds.

Under Construction Page Plugin it is a completely free WordPress Plugin and therefore you would not need to worry at all.


The WordPress Plugins offered by Under Construction Page have the following characteristic features:

Highly learner-friendly, simple & fast plugins that are easy to install and use

There are new designs released atleast twice every month

Currently there are about 130k+ active users, with an overall growth rate of 10k per month

Support is provided for most caching plugins and therefore there is no necessity to coup manually

Currently there are more than 1000 five-star reviews received

They provide premium email support and are highly optimized for Search Engine Optimization

There are a range of social media icons available to choose from

Offer Google Analytics Support.


In addition to the above, there is also a Pro version offered which has the following features:

A drag and drop page builder

 Improvised access controls

 Custom-built links with procedural rules of expiry

 MailChimp and Zapier support features

 Support for the local database automatic responder

 Import and export settings feature

 Unsplash API integration that provides access to over 200k photos

 A Newsletter module, Countdown timer and many more.


Finest Features of Under Construction Page Plugin

1. The plugin comes absolutely free to use. The plugin can be directly downloaded plugin from the official WordPress repository click here.

2. In the plugin setup, you will see 5 main configuration sections that are easy to use.

3. The Main Section - lets you to enable/disable maintenance mode on site, set end date and time for under construction mode and track visitors during under construction mode via Google Analytics

4. Design Section – lets you choose attractive and refreshing templates that will be displayed to your visitors while you are engaged in the under construction process.

There are about 25 engaging templates listed in the plugin’s free version. Developers add one or more fair template in the plugin with every release.

5. Content Section – lets you add different types of content on your under construction page for visitor access. You can include a headline, description title or any other stuff you wish to display on your page. 

This section also lets you add your social media profile. There are options displayed in the plugin to attach every social media profile link on your page. Ensure you add them while creating your under construction page so that it will enable your visitors to easily reach out to you. 

6. Access Section – lets you shortlist different kinds of users from the under construction mode such that they cannot view the under construction page when they access your site.

7. Support Section - you find FAQ’s about plugins and a official support forum link in this section where you may seek for support anytime you need.

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