Why a Mobile - Friendly Website Is Critical for SEO ?

Posted on Jun 30, 2018 by Ardith

Today, online marketing plays important role in the growth of an organization. Creating a mobile – friendly which is especially design for SEO is really critical in introducing a company to wider range of customers and make it more popular. Thus, creating a mobile – friendly website for SEO is definitely a good idea to help your company grows fast.


Why Is It Important?


Why a mobile - friendly website is critical for SEO? It is really important for some reasons. By not possesing website that can perfectly display on tablets or smartphones, it means you are alienating most of your audience that can probably become potential clients for your clients. This will lead you to lose out on revenue that will be very bad for your business’s growth. Here are 5 reasons that make you need to have a mobile – friendly website for SEO.


1.Mobile Users VS Desktop


Some years ago, Internet traffic was dominated by mobile users and they could even suprassed desktop. But today, there are only 52% from the total number of interenet users who browse websites by using their smartphones. In other word, you can take conclusion that there are more than half of the internet users who visit your company’s website do the same thing from their mobile technology. But, why is it matter? Well, it is because though you have a good basic site now but it does not mean that it will also look well when you see it on smaller screen. Another reason is that it is not easy for some people to use the application as well as zoom the content to have better view to read it. This bad experience your customers get from their visiting activity in your website will make them to reluctantly come back to your company’s site after that. Of course, it will give bad impact to your company.


2.You Might Lose Half of Your Visitors


The next reason why it is important for you to have mobile – friendly website for SEO is that because it can help you to avoid losing your site’s visitors. Recent reports show that there are 53% of internet users who will soon leave a website’s page once they find that it is takes relatively longer time for them to load for their smartphones. In this way, you will automatically cut half of your income from those mobile device users if you refuse to have SEO mobile – friendly website. A site with mobile – friendly system will give you solution for this problem since it comes with specific design that is based on layout and speed. If your website provides images with too large size or contains elements just like used in Flash, then they will automatically lower the speed of your site. This will make the users have fun experience in browsing on your website and they might come back to visit it later.


3.Using Google Tools to Search for Business


Most searches that conduct by internet users in United States now are reported to be prformed from smartphones than desktops. The searches done come from wide range of fields include product details, business information, reviews, and much more. From this ilustration, you can soon find out how critical this mobile – friendly website which is maximized for your mobile SEO. It can function just like your business’s customers have an attractive phone book in their hands. It will be very useful even for those who live in your local environment will easily find your company’s website on popular search tool such as Google. This will lead you to have bigger opportunity to attract wider range of potential customers and improve your sales.


4.Most Reguler Shoppers Now Use Smartphone


You need to know the popular fact most regular shoppers today use smartphone for their shopping activities. Latest reports say that there are about 60% of mobile device users in United States now shop at least. This fact makes your mobile – friendly site wil be very useful. With a proper design of mobile site, you will be able to get return of your investment in relatively short time.


5.Mobile First Index


Google recently turns its search results to rank which is based on mobile – fisrt index. With this fact, can you draw conclusion? Yep, it means that if you do not have site with mobile – friendly system for the layout and design, then your website will be put on lower rank. If your company website is placed in lower place, it will give bad influence for your business and cause drastic drop in the traffic of organic search. In addition, if your company website is already on tablets and smartphones, it can be considered as good improvement in Google search rank. That makes this mobile – friendly website for SEO is important in your business.


Where to Find a Good Designer?

To create a mobile – friendly website for SEO, you need to find web provider to help you make perfect design of site that will meet all your company’s needs. Arfadia Digital Marketing Agency Jakarta Indonesia is the rightest place for you to go. Being located in capital city of Jakarta, the company is a leading web designer in Indonesia. With the vision to be the best service provider in the technology innovation of information and multimedia in the country, the company comes with creates important values such as achievement, responsiveness, focus, accuracy, development, innovation, and activeness to make the company’s mission comes true. Arfadia Best Digital Agency Indonesia also comes with intereseting sevices such as website design and development, web application development, mobile application development, video production, internet marketing, graphic design, commercial photography, and much more for the customers. The company is supported with skillful and experienced team. Also, being completed with the latest techniques of design jsut like CSS3, Jquery, HTML5, and Ajax to improve the design made, this company is the perfect choice for you who want to have perfect mobile – friendly webiste that will be suitable the most with your SEO strategy. With the help of the web provider, you will be able to speed the growth of your business.

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