Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode for Wordpress Blogs

Posted on Aug 06, 2018 by Blog


The domain has been purchased and the Wordpress successfully installed. But, you still need some more weeks to get your design and content in sync before you publish it online.

Some make a rushed upload and there are some who wait.

Promoting a website or a blog which is not cooked up properly with the right ingredients can be a total turn off for the potential visitors and customers.

You can even lose your name. Not a good idea at all. So, what to do then?

A coming soon page can be the answer to this problem.

Wordpress has come up with a Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin recently which can act as an attractive placeholder for the page. Using this you can begin generating a positive feeling and begin building up the hype even if every building block is not in its right place.

Sometime, websites which are already launched needs some fixations which can cause it to be out of operation temporarily. For a website which is already generating traffics it is a big risk if visotrs visit and see a blank or messed up page. This plug in will help create a temporary page where you can inform the readers what is really going on.


Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode


Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a simplified and innovative thought in a plugin form which comes in a plethora of design, style and functionalities aiming to serve the potential visitors primarily.

One can browse through varied design themes, different types of fonts that can be used directly as content on the background. It is up to the designer whether to show the background box as an opaque or a semi transparent design to make it more readable. This package does come with enough creative designs to keep the reader still interested.


The Best Features

  • 50+ plugin themes is a blessing in the PRO version

  • Compatible to work with all plugins and themes in Wordpress

  • Personalisation possible.

  • Over 400,00 premium high quality images in its PRO version.

  • In-built configuration and preview option before publishing possible.

  • PRO version also provides analytical tools and SEO preview to help rank the site higher right from scratch.

  • Easy formatting and navigational features.

  • Standard W3 Cache support, HTML and Custom CSS based protocols

  • MailChimp integration helps email list collection.

  • Coming Soon page to be visible to all type of users, irrespective of their registration status.

  • Google Analytics integration

  • 800 Different smart Google compatible fonts.

  • Responsive design

  • Fast communication to customer care helps fix any problem within seconds.


What can site owners probably want besides keeping their customers and potential customers well informed at all timesk After the entire key to a successful business is always effective communication.

No longer will the visitor come and hit on a blank screen. They will know that the site is under maintenance and is probably going to be gifting them something impressive pretty soon.  Use of Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin will not just help the website owner but also give its visitors a reason to come back to unleash the gift.


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